Quotes by Donna Gillespie

"How quick, brutal, and fragile is life. You are born, you live a few years in wild hope, then you are dragged back into the night. You might have breathed on a little longer, had you not dared think yourself a human creature instead of an engine of muscle and bone."

"Better a spirit that does not quite fit in this world than one that is broken."

"Books are worse than wine, I say. You read one and you need another - there's no end to it. What ails you that you cannot content yourself with just living on under the sun?"

"For too many generations of the common people of Rome were allowed no hand in governing, and their state religion had long since mummified into dry rituals that never touched ordinary passions. It was inevitable, proclaimed the dour scholars of the philosophical schools, that the Colosseum would become their chief temple and the fortunes of gladiators would be watched more closely than the rise and fall of nations."

"Her spirit rose with the horns and she was seized suddenly with a fierce love of all this country. She felt her mind a great wing stretched out protectively over the land."

Books by Donna Gillespie

Donna Gillespie
  • Donna Gillespie

  • Date of birth: July 21, 1948
  • Born: in Gainesville, Florida, The United States.

  • Description: Donna Gillespie is the author of two historical novels set in first century Rome, The Light Bearer (Berkley/Putnam, 1994) and Lady of the Light (Berkley/Putnam, 2006). The Light Bearer has been translated into German, Dutch, Russian, Italian and Lithuanian. An international bestseller, it was optioned by Hallmark Entertainment for a miniseries. Her second novel, Lady of the Light, is the sequel to The Light Bearer, and is also available in German and Italian. Her love of historical novels began at age thirteen when she discovered Mary Renault's novel of ancient Greece, The King Must Die. She credits the novels of Robert Graves -- I Claudius and Claudius the God -- with her enduring interest in the culture and mores of ancient Rome. She has lived in San Francisco since 1971, where she presently is the copyeditor and occasional contributor to her neighborhood newspaper, The New Fillmore. She’s currently working on the third novel of the trilogy that began with The Light Bearer.