Quotes by Don DeLillo

"Stories are consoling, fiction is one of the consolation prizes for having lived in the world."

"How strange it is. We have these deep terrible lingering fears about ourselves and the people we love. Yet we walk around, talk to people, eat and drink. We manage to function. The feelings are deep and real. Shouldn't they paralyze us? How is it we can survive them, at least for a little while? We drive a car, we teach a class. How is it no one sees how deeply afraid we were, last night, this morning? Is it something we all hide from each other, by mutual consent? Or do we share the same secret without knowing it? Wear the same disguise?"

"How I would enjoy being told the novel is dead. How liberating to work in the margins, outside a central perception. You are the ghoul of literature."

"No sense of the irony of human experience, that we are the highest form of life on earth, and yet ineffably sad because we know what no other animal knows, that we must die."

"The future belongs to crowds."

Books by Don DeLillo

  • Falling Man
  • 15,255 ratings
  • Published May 15th 2007 by Scribner

    (first published 2007)

  • Cosmopolis
  • 15,189 ratings
  • Published 2003 by Picador
  • Ratner's Star
  • 1,938 ratings
  • Published July 16th 1992 by Vintage

    (first published 1976)

  • Players
  • 1,668 ratings
  • Published July 16th 1992 by Vintage

    (first published 1977)

  • Valparaiso
  • 540 ratings
  • Published April 1st 2004 by Pan MacMillan

    (first published 1999)

  • Love-Lies-Bleeding
  • 339 ratings
  • January 10th 2006 by Scribner

    (first published January 2002)

  • The Day Room
  • 336 ratings
  • Published January 8th 1999 by Picador USA

    (first published 1986)

Don DeLillo
  • Don DeLillo

  • Date of birth: November 20, 1936
  • Born: in Bronx, New York, The United States.

  • Description: Don DeLillo is an American author best known for his novels, which paint detailed portraits of American life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He currently lives outside of New York City.

    Among the most influential American writers of the past decades, DeLillo has received, among author awards, a National Book Award (White Noise, 1985), a PEN/Faulkner Award (Mao II, 1991), and an American Book Award (Underworld, 1998).

    DeLillo's sixteenth novel, Point Omega, was published in February, 2010.