Dmytry Karpov
  • Dmytry Karpov

  • Description: Fighting in the epic struggle between pen and paper, Dmytry Karpov designed a website for writers while still in high school. As a child, he always thought in images and would spend hours walking around in circles, replaying movies in his head and creating new ones. (His own movies were better.)

    He heard the siren call of the muses at an early age and penned his first masterpiece when he was twelve-years-old. Okay, masterpiece may be stretching it, but he didn't give up. At the ripe age of sixteen he began an epic fantasy that would someday leave all epic fantasies green with envy. It now sits on his computer, 80,000 words into it, and only one third complete. He might someday finish it.

    Fortunately, by the time he entered college, he learned the art of outlining, thus making the process of actually completing a novel much more likely. Words have always held the power to seduce him, which is why it's no surprise that he's now co-writing The Nightfall Chronicles with his wife, Kimberly Kinrade, and also has a dark fantasy and epic fantasy burning a hole in his writer's brain.

    He now lives with his beautiful wife in the Northwest, where he tries to remember his Russian and his wife tries to remember her French and together they try to remember to feed their three daughters.