Quotes by Denise Riley

"It’s not possible to live twenty-four hours a day soaked in the immediate awareness of one’s sex. Gendered self-consciousness has, mercifully, a flickering nature."

"If we are to talk in the language of social constructions, then the construction of the very concepts of the social and the biological must also be elucidated."

Books by Denise Riley

  • Dry Air
  • 13 ratings
  • July 18th 1985 by Virago Press Ltd
  • The Pity
  • 10 ratings
  • January 1st 2014 by Poetry Society
Denise Riley
  • Denise Riley

  • Born: Carlisle, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Denise Riley (born 1948, Carlisle) is an English poet and philosopher who began to be published in the 1970s.

    Her poetry is remarkable for its paradoxical interrogation of selfhood within the lyric mode. Her critical writings on motherhood, women in history, "identity", and philosophy of language, are recognised as an important contribution to feminism and contemporary philosophy. She was, until recently, Professor of Literature with Philosophy at the University of East Anglia and is currently A. D. White Professor-at-large at Cornell University. She was formerly Writer in Residence at Tate Gallery London, and has held fellowships at Brown University and at Birkbeck, University of London. Among her poetry publications is Penguin Modern Poets 10, with Douglas Oliver and Iain Sinclair (1996). She lives in London.