Denise Daniella Darcy Quotes

Denise Daniella Darcy
  • Denise Daniella Darcy

  • Born: in Tucson, The United States.

  • Description: Denise Daniella Darcy, or Triple D as she is affectionately called by family, friends and fans, started life as a mortician’s helper. Faced with the daily task of making the dead appear happy, she decided to switch careers and apply her talents to making the living happy instead. She achieves that through her Love & Romance novels. She writes from the heart, with a viewpoint that to grow you need to push your boundaries and you find happiness wherever it may appear and in any shape that it comes.

    Triple D writes stimulating contemporary romances with passion, humor and a down to earth feel that resonates with her readers. She creates the ‘I can’t put the book down, just 1 more page before I turn out the lights’ stories that keep you interested, engaged and involved.

    Denise lives a vibrant and enthusiastic life on the west coast with a full house, including her children, cats and dogs, assorted critters, and her own personal hunk of a husband. The coffee is always on, the table always full of family and friends, and a spirited discussion is underway. And when evening rolls around, often enough a party is sent out to raid the wine cellar. Lively, fun and full of life.


    Triple D is releasing a new series in the young adult and teen romance genre soon.

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