Quotes by David Wolman

"When the Hawaiians appeared at Frontier Park, the audience and other cowboys paused to take them in: ornate leather chaps, long rawhide lariats, flowers around their hats, and dark skin—they were different in every way. To locals and tourists in Cheyenne, the paniolo were not just odd; they were interlopers."

"The gh at the end of many modern words, however, like dough, cough, and trough, is actually an artifact not of Dutch orthographic tendencies, but of Norman distaste for the Middle English letter yogh, which looked like this: 3. Yogh fell out of use around the end of the fifteenth century."

Books by David Wolman

  • The Wreck
  • 14 ratings
  • March 2nd 2017 by The Atavist Magazine
  • Firsthand
  • 4 ratings
  • April 29th 2014 by Firsthand Publishing Group

    (first published April 1st 2014)

David Wolman
  • David Wolman

  • Born: Boston, The United States.

  • Description: David Wolman is a Contributing Editor at OUTSIDE and a longtime contributor at WIRED. He has also written for publications such as the New York Times, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, BusisnessWeek, and Nature. His work has twice been anthologized in the Best American Science and Nature Writing series, and his feature about Egyptian revolutionaries was nominated for a National Magazine Award. His latest book, Aloha Rodeo, will be published in May, 2019 (HarperCollins).
    David is a former Oregon Arts Commission fellow, Fulbright journalism fellow (Japan), and a graduate of Stanford University's journalism program. His other books include The End of Money, A Left-Hand Turn Around the World, Righting the Mother Tongue, and Firsthand. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children.

    Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @davidwolman.