Quotes by Dave Smith

"and I had no home but the heart’s hut,
the blistering walls of loneliness,
the world’s blue skymiles of longing."

"Every gray day swells in around you, gold bird.
Sinister as the copperhead in thick russet
pinestraw, that held-back surge of piled up desire.
I think my hands were born to touch and weave with
air your intricate dips, veers, blinks always take."

"I throw out love
like an anchor and wait where the long house lights
of strangers tickle the river’s back …

Isn’t it right to drag the rivers for the bodies
not even the nets could catch? I won’t lie, I want
you to lie with me on the tumbling surface of love.

from “Sailing the Back River"

Dave  Smith
  • Dave Smith

  • Born: Portsmouth, Virginia, The United States.

  • Description: Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Dave Smith (born 1942) is an American poet, writer, critic, editor, and educator.Dave Smith holds a BA degree in English from the University of Virginia, a MA degree in English from the Southern Illinois University and a PhD in English from Ohio University.He was a professor on the University of Utah, the University of Florida, the Louisiana State University, and the Johns Hopkins University.