C.M. Newman
  • C.M. Newman

  • Description: C. M. Newman is in her late twenties and lives in the Midwest. She enjoys writing (obviously), napping, and watching TV shows marathon-style on Netflix. She is host to a myriad of pathetic diseases that make organizing pills a challenge. She loves photography, so she bought a fancy camera and dusts it off once every three months, naturally.

    Look out for her next untitled book in the coming months!


    In this new romance from C. M. Newman, Abby Thorne unexpectedly loses her husband, Jesse, to suicide. Needing to get away from her hometown of Denver to avoid the stares and nosy neighbors and start afresh, she flees to a cabin high in the Rockies, the only special place she can think of that doesn't contain memories of Jesse. Life up high doesn't provide the same peace she expected, though.

    Amidst other life-altering surprises, Abby meets Jack Howell, her new loner neighbor and furniture maker. His past choices have combined forces with a wrathful ex-wife to keep his daughter away from him for four years--so far. As his friendship with Abby burgeons into something deeper against his will, he learns that Abby isn't the only one not ready for a relationship. Before they can establish anything worth keeping, not only must Abby learn to rise above her own history and say goodbye to Jesse, but Jack also needs to throw away his old excuses and track down the daughter he doesn't know.