Clint Hollingsworth Quotes

Clint Hollingsworth
  • Clint Hollingsworth

  • Born: Leavenworth, WA, The United States.

  • Description: Clint Hollingsworth has spent a good deal of his time in the woods since he was a child. He developed a certain sensitivity to the happenings around him out there, but in 1990, he became a student of the Tom Brown Jr Tracker School learning wilderness survival and tracking. This led him to more advanced training from Naturalist Jon Young in tracking and awareness, skills which have saved his life in the far back country.
    He began his serious martial arts training in 1980 with Sensei Steve Olfs and has been trained by Sensei's Michael Dascenzo, Sensei Scott Schweitzer, Sensei Kevin Ingalls and Shihan John Roseberry. He holds a 4th degree black belt in Sho Rei Shobu Kan Okinawan Goju Ryu.
    Clint is the author of the long running post-apocalyptic webcomic (and its attending books) The Wandering Ones at with over 20,000 readers across the world.

    He is in the woods whenever possible.

    He lives in Wenatchee, WA with his lovely wife Susie and waaaayyy too many cats (and a neurotic wiener dog)