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"I suggest you apply whatever wisdom you have."
-Shevata, "Children of Discord" (upcoming novel)"

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C.C. Cole
  • C.C. Cole

  • Born: in Jackson, Mississippi, The United States.

  • Description: C.C.Cole is an author from rural Mississippi. Schooled in medicine, she lives a suburban life with her family. Following her sister's death in a domestic violence incident, she began writing as a creative outlet.

    Her debut novel is The First Book of the Gastar Series "Act of Redemption," a dark fantasy story about a heroine with a dark past who protects the people of the city of Gastar and seeks to re-claim her soul. It has been listed as Best Independent Novel on Goodreads and the lead character Shevata won an action heroine poll.

    Book Two of the Gastar Series, "Children of Discord," was published in 2011, winning an NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for fiction.