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"Life can't ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer's lover until death-- fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant." --Edna Ferber

"The great gift is the passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites. It gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination." --Elizabeth Hardwick"


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Cara Swann
  • Cara Swann

  • Born: in Alabama, The United States.

  • Description: I'm a former reporter/editor and some of the novels I have at Amazon.com were previously published for the early e-book market. When the publisher went of business, I retained copyright.

    I'm a widow of ten years, have no children but do have two dogs. I live in the Southern USA; most of my work is set in this region.