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  • Eye for an Eye
  • 1 ratings
  • May 14th 2012 by Avenue Publishing

    (first published March 20th 2011)

Bev Robitai
  • Bev Robitai

  • Date of birth: December 01
  • Born: in Windsor, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Born in England, I came to New Zealand at age 12, living in Nelson where I dallied backstage at the Theatre Royal. In 2006 I escaped from working in photolabs and leaped with unbounded delight into a new career as a writer, editor and photographer.
    I now live on the North Shore of Auckland New Zealand where the latte culture rules, having a wonderful time writing crime fiction and helping other writers to publish their work.
    I have two theatre mysteries and a thriller in print (and ebooks) along with a couple of theatre shorts, and have just completed two post-apocalyptic novels in the Sunstrike series that I'm really excited about! They're set in the days and months following a big solar storm that wipes out all electrical technology on Earth, and follow the lives of a mother (in Sunstrike) and son (in The Journey Home) who are far apart when the storm hits.