Quotes by Baruch Spinoza

"The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free."

"The more you struggle to live, the less you live. Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure....you are above everything distressing."

"I do not know how to teach philosophy without becoming a disturber of the peace."

"No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides."

"If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past."


Books by Baruch Spinoza

  • Ethics
  • 13,908 ratings
  • June 27th 1996 by Penguin Classics

    (first published 1677)

  • Political Treatise
  • 239 ratings
  • July 31st 2005 by Hackett Publishing Co, Inc

    (first published 1675)

  • Complete Works
  • 173 ratings
  • November 1st 2002 by Hackett Publishing Company

    (first published 1677)

Baruch Spinoza
  • Baruch Spinoza

  • Date of birth: November 24, 1632
  • Died: February 21, 1677
  • Born: in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Description: Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher. The breadth and importance of Spinoza's work was not fully realized until many years after his death. By laying the groundwork for the 18th-century Enlightenment and modern biblical criticism, including modern conceptions of the self and, arguably, the universe, he came to be considered one of the great rationalists of 17th-century philosophy.
    His magnum opus, the posthumous Ethics, in which he opposed Descartes' mind–body dualism, has earned him recognition as one of Western philosophy's most important thinkers. In the Ethics, "Spinoza wrote the last indisputable Latin masterpiece, and one in which the refined conceptions of medieval philosophy are finally turned against themselves and destroyed entirely."
    Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said of all contemporary philosophers, "You are either a Spinozist or not a philosopher at all."