Quotes by Barbara Hall

"The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark."

"You're alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act."

"And maybe that is where rhythm comes from, I think. Our earliest understanding of rhythm. The sound of our own breath, the beating of our own hearts."

"I felt for the first time, maybe ever, how much harder it was to be the adults. And I wasn't sure I could do that when it was my turn."

"The thing I didn't see back then is that people can be destroyed by goodness. Damage can be done by hope. If people aren't ready for hope, it's a cruel trick to put it on their doorstep."


Books by Barbara Hall

  • The Music Teacher
  • 359 ratings
  • February 10th 2009 by Algonquin Books

    (first published January 1st 2009)

  • Tempo Change
  • 154 ratings
  • June 9th 2009 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

    (first published January 1st 2009)

  • Dixie Storms
  • 97 ratings
  • May 1st 2006 by HMH Books for Young Readers

    (first published 1990)

  • Charisma
  • 57 ratings
  • October 15th 2013 by Premier Digital Publishing
  • Culture Shock: Indonesia
  • 30 ratings
  • March 1st 1991 by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company

    (first published January 1st 1991)

  • Close to Home
  • 24 ratings
  • July 8th 1997 by Simon & Schuster

    (first published 1997)

Barbara Hall
  • Barbara Hall

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: To TV audiences she may be better known as a four-time Emmy-nominated writer and producer (Joan of Arcadia, Judging Amy) and the co-Executive Producer of Homeland, but to avid readers she’s a novelist with 11 published works whose imagination has been honored by numerous institutions, including the American Library Association in both their Best Books and Notable Books categories.