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"A moral person is one who constantly exercises, and acts on, his best rational judgment."

"There is never any valid reason for not being in full mental focus."

"Ayn was startled by the fact that while everyone complained indignantely about the physical hardships created by the communists, no one seemed equally indignant about their ideology.
When — at the age of twelve — she first heard the communist slogan that man must live for the state, she knew, consciously and clearly, that this was the horror at at the root of all the other horrors taking place around her.

Her feeling was one of incredulous contempt: incredulity that such a statement could be uttered in human society, and a cold, unforgiving contempt for anyone who could accept it.

She saw, in that slogan, the vision of a hero on a sacrificial altar, immolated in the name of mediocrity — she heard the statement that the purpose of her life was not her own to choose, that her life must be given in selfless servitude to others — she saw the life of any man of intelligence, of ambition, of independence, claimed as the property of some shapeless mob.

It was the demand for sacrifice of the best among men, and for the enshrinement of the commonplace — who were granted all rights because they were commonplace — that she held as the unspeakable evil of communism. Her answer to the slogan was that nothing could be higher or more important than an individual's right to his own life, that it was a right beyond the claim of any individual or group or collective or state or the whole population of the globe."

"For the first time in his life, he was receiving the priceless gift of a woman's unconditional love and acceptance. It contradicted all that he knew about love, all that he had taught others. And he found himself needing it like a drowning man needs air to breathe and solid ground under his feet."

"As far as the functioning of your mind is concerned, it doesn't matter what you feel. It doesn't matter to anyone else, and it matters least of all to yourself."

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Barbara Branden
  • Barbara Branden

  • Date of birth: May 14, 1929
  • Died: December 11, 2013
  • Born: in Winnepeg, Canada.

  • Description: Barbara Branden was a Canadian writer, editor, and lecturer, known for her relationship and subsequent break with novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand.Barbara met her husband Nathaniel Branden through a shared interest in Rand's works. Barbara and Nathaniel became personal friends of Rand and her husband, Frank O'Connor, in 1950. When Barbara and Nathaniel married in 1953, Rand and O'Connor served as matron of honor and best man, respectively.After earning her M.A. in philosophy, Barbara joined her husband as one of the founding members of the Objectivist movement, which sought to advance Rand's ideas. Rand acknowledged Barbara as one of the most important proponents of Objectivism.In 1954, Nathaniel pursued an affair with Rand with the reluctant consent of both Barbara and O'Connor. Barbara described the affair as a "sacrifice" that caused "years of pain."Rand broke off her relationship with the Brandens in 1968 after learning of Nathaniel's affair with actress Patrecia Scott. Barbara's 1986 biography of Rand, The Passion of Ayn Rand, created a rift among Rand's followers because the book exposed that Rand had lied about why she broke off her relationship with the Brandens. Rand's private correspondence later confirmed what Barbara brought to light in her biography. The Passion of Ayn Rand was later made into a Emmy Award-winning motion picture in 1999.Barbara Branden died of a lung infection in Los Angeles on December 11, 2013.