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Ashleigh Raine
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  • Description: Sometimes two people meet, become good friends, and share a lot in common. When you’re really lucky, you meet someone who understands you, who thinks like you, can finish your sentences and together, the both of you can create whole new worlds.

    Ashleigh Raine is a multi-published, award-winning writing team made up of lifelong friends, Jennifer and Lisa. Living in the Los Angeles area, they have both worked various jobs in the Entertainment industry including stagehand, script reader, feature film production assistant, precision driver, theatrical lighting designer, seat filler and background actor.

    Whether it’s driving down the 101 Fwy and spotting some of our favorite celebrities in the car next to us, or disappearing into the world of Talisman Bay and visiting with our characters, Lisa and Jen live life to the fullest. We hope you’ll join us on the ride!

    Besides our website, you can find us in a few places around the internet.