Quotes by Arthur Marwick

"For most countries involved in modern war the experience has resulted in, among other things, the testing of the cruder fallacies of economic liberalism, the testing of human reluctance to exploit the full potential of science and technology, and the testing of the general inadequacy of social provisions of the weaker members of the community: looking for the moment only at the broad perspective, one can detect change towards management of the economy, towards a more science-conscious society and towards a welfare state."

Books by Arthur Marwick

  • The Sixties
  • 50 ratings
  • November 5th 1998 by Oxford University Press (NYC/Oxford)
  • The Home Front
  • 5 ratings
  • December 31st 1976 by Thames & Hudson

    (first published January 1st 1976)

Arthur Marwick
  • Arthur Marwick