Arnittress Dowdy Quotes

Arnittress Dowdy
  • Arnittress Dowdy

  • Born: in Nyack, The United States.

  • Description: I fell in love with writing by reading poetry. I thought it was so cool how you could express your self, describe an emotion, create a beautiful scene and eventually tell a story through poetry.

    It was't until I tried to get my poetry published that I pushed myself to write beyond that. I learned since I wasn't a well known poet that my poetry was going to be hard to market and promote. Taking that all in and not feeling defeated, I pushed myself as a writer and began to expand on a short story that I had written. That short story turned out to be my first novel, Dreamtini, which was originally published in 2007.

    When I wrote Dreamtini, I had began the follow-up as well. As I was promoting Dreamtini, I got pregnant and turned my focus on becoming a new mom. This time turned out to be a 'mommy hiatus', I had two boys two years apart. I must say that I never stopped writing during this hiatus.

    In 2018 I re-released Dreamtini and Pieces Of Me which includes some of the original poems that I wanted published. I followed Pieces Of Me with Simply Me that also included orginal and newer poems. I called this collection Intimately Me.

    When I am not writing, am being a tomboy mommy to my two lil men.