Quotes by Aniela Gregorek

"Susan, another client, is a part-time college teacher. She works too little and recovers too much. When she first came to us, at the age of 42, our first impression of her was that she was depressed. She told us that she never liked to exercise, and even the idea of exercise was repugnant to her. What she loved to do was go to concerts and museums, read books, meditate, and go to fine restaurants."

"The Happy Body. What caught my attention was that Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek were quoted as saying that endurance training, such as long-distance running or walking on a treadmill, makes people lose muscle, become weaker, and actually get fatter."

Books by Aniela Gregorek

  • The Happy Body
  • 260 ratings
  • September 11th 2009 by Jurania Press

    (first published 2009)

Aniela Gregorek
  • Aniela Gregorek