Andrew Updegrove Quotes

Andrew Updegrove
  • Andrew Updegrove

  • Born: in Philadelphia, PA, The United States.

  • Description: My career as a fiction writer began when a line of interior dialogue occurred to me while walking my dog in the rain. That line turned into a character, and that character turned into the foundation for my first book. A second and a third followed (and then a fourth and a fifth, with the sixth on the way), based on the same character: an "everyman" cybersecurity specialist who is brilliant but socially challenged. Each book is a satirical thriller that highlights the risks of our continuing dependency on technology in general, and the Internet in particular. The exploits in the books have demonstrated a disturbing tendency to later actually happen in the real world.

    When I'm not writing, I'm working with high tech clients, including those that create the standards and systems that make cybersecurity possible. When I'm not writing or predicting the next cyber-disaster, I'm likely to be roaming the back country of the American southwest in my Jeep, scouting out settings for his next book. I spend summers on an island off the coast of Maine and winters in southwest Florida.