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Amelia Cole
  • Amelia Cole

  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: I've been writing for as long as I can remember actually knowing how. Words have always been important to me. At times, I feel I can express myself better through them than actually speaking. Much like painting or sculpting, it truly is an art form that can be created and crafted in such a way as to set a tone. An author can make you laugh, cry, scream at the page, or even put a book in the freezer for fear something within its depths might get at you while you sleep unless hindered by the arctic chill of frozen peas.

    Writing a book is also very much like having a child. Once a thought enters our imagination we take great care with nurturing it to grow and develop. We feed it with research and exposition. It becomes a precious child to us that we hope to send off into the world one day. And if we do, we watch with bated breath, praying it doesn't fail and cursing anyone who dare speak ill of it.

    Sometimes the voices in our head get extremely loud, each vying for our attention, each wanting their story told first.

    This is the craziness that resides inside a devoted writer. So, if you see someone talking to no one in particular, don't assume the stairs don't reach the attic. Perhaps they're having an internal argument with a particularly difficult character for their next bestseller ;)