Quotes by Alfred Lansing

"No matter what the odds, a man does not pin his last hope for survival on something and then expect that it will fail."

"In that instant they felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. Though they had failed dismally even to come close to the expedition's original objective, they knew now that somehow they had done much, much more than ever they set out to do."

"it's been my experience that most writers don't talk about their craft--they just do it"

"Of all their enemies -- the cold, the ice, the sea -- he feared none more than demoralization."

"Unlike the land, where courage and the simple will to endure can often see a man through, the struggle against the sea is an act of
physical combat, and there is no escape. It is a battle against a tireless enemy in which man never actually wins; the most that he can hope for is not to be defeated."

Books by Alfred Lansing

Alfred Lansing
  • Alfred Lansing

  • Date of birth: July 21, 1921
  • Died: January 01, 1975
  • Born: in Chicago, IL, The United States.

  • Description: An American journalist who wrote for Collier's, among other magazines and was later an editor for Time, Inc. Books.

    Alfred Lansing served in the US Navy from 1940-46. He received the Purple Heart for his wartime service.

    Later he attended North Park College, 1946-48, Northwestern University, 1948-50.

    Lansing became a member of the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, England in 1957.