Quotes by Alexander Whyte

"You’re not likely to err by practicing too much of the cross."

"For what a man loves, that that man is. What a man chooses out of a hundred offers, you are sure by that who and what that man is. And accordingly, put the New Testament in any man’s hand, and set the Throne of Grace wide open before any man; and you need no omniscience to tell you that man’s true value. If he lets his Bible lie unopened and unread: if he lets God’s Throne of Grace stand till death, idle and unwanted: if the depth and the height, the nobleness and the magnificence, the goodness and the beauty of divine things have no command over him, and no attraction to him—then, you do not wish me to put words upon the meanness of that man’s mind. Look yourselves at what he has chosen: look and weep at what he has neglected, and has for ever lost!"

"Pray on, then, all you postponed and disappointed and impoverished people of God; pray on and faint not. Pray on: for the prayer is far better than the answer."

"We pass in through all His power, and all His majesty, and all His other overwhelming surroundings,—and we are not content till we come to His heart, to God’s very, very heart. What a thought! Oh, all ye thinking men! What a thought! What a heart must God’s heart be! What knowledge it must have! What pity it must hold! What compassion! What love! How deep it must be! How wide! How tender! What a mystery! What a universe we belong to! What creatures we are! and what a Creator we have! and what a God! “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! For of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things, to whom be glory for ever. Amen."

"Show me a believing man, and I will show you a justified man, and, withal, a man who is never out of his Bible. What else would you have him to read? I would like to hear you urging some of your favourite reading on him. I would like you to tell him where else but in his Bible such faith as his could be fed. Where else could he get songs for the house of his pilgrimage? And shoes for his feet, and a staff for his hand? And his whole furniture for his life of faith, and for his death of victory? Yes: depend upon it, the just man will live, and move, and have his whole being, in his Bible, and in books that have been drawn out of his Bible. But"

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Alexander Whyte
  • Alexander Whyte

  • Date of birth: January 13, 1836
  • Died: January 06, 1921
  • Born: in Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland.

  • Description: Alexander Whyte was a Scottish theologian, minister and Principal of New College, Edinburgh. He was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland in 1898.

    Whyte studied divinity at the University of Aberdeen and then at New College, Edinburgh, graduating in 1866. He entered the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland and after serving as colleague in Free St. John's, Glasgow (1866 - 1870), moved to Edinburgh as colleague and successor to Rev. Dr. Robert Candlish at Free St. George's. In 1909 he succeeded Dr. Marcus Dods as Principal, and Professor of New Testament Literature, at New College, Edinburgh.