Alexander Ferrar
  • Alexander Ferrar

  • Born: in Miami, The United States.

  • Description: After using his considerable wealth to stockpile arms and raise a private army, Alexander Ferrar led an exodus of coed college students into the Amazon rainforest. There his followers have established a sustainable farm/nudist colony and worship him a la Colonel Kurtz. He is scheduled to return after the inevitable collapse of western civilization, at which time he will seize power and usher in the first era of true world peace. In the meantime, he continues to write novels that are delivered to his publisher via drone--okay, no, he doesn't.

    He lives in Antigua Guatemala where he owns a restaurant-art gallery and a very popular exotic ice cream shop, and he has a beautiful wife. His grass is plenty green.

    He is also the author of twenty novels dealing with hot-topic issues such as illegal immigration, the refugee crisis, transphobia, gender issues, Pizzagate, polyamory, interracial relationships, the plight of gays in Muslim countries, and various reasons the world is going to Hell in a handbasket.